like most of my blogs, i’ve kind of neglected this here journal. but i made a silent goal with myself that i was going to document my life better by taking more pictures and writing more. but sadly i have done neither. half the year is almost gone and what do i have to show for it? memories that are quickly fading with time and my old age…..i can barely remember what i had for lunch yesterday!

for awhile i felt like nothing was interesting enough to write about. or if something interesting happened i couldn’t put it into the right words to convey how i felt. i think i had the mindset that i was writing for others. well i’ve decided this blog is going to be for myself. i miss writing about the mundane things in my life that probably noone will find interesting but me. i miss appreciating all of the little things in life and remembering them.


so i will write about the food i ate. the movies i saw. and how i did laundry today and how much i enjoy clean sheets (oh the joys of having your own washer and dryer….i still can’t get over how nice that is after living in apts/dorms for so long!)


and as a little catch up on what’s been going on in my life:

– visited the la zoo for the first time
– tried yoga with boyrobot (it was hilarious)
– went to vegas and for the first time ever i did not gamble at all
– saw lion king (in vegas)
– my grandmother passed away. it sucked.
– my whole family stayed at my house. it was crazy but fun. and i miss them.
– i have been making a lot of dinners for friends, eating out a lot, and just generally getting to know oc a little better
– realized again how much i love where i live. i’m across the street from a target. does it get better than that?
– love seeing old friends that i have not seen in ages
– finally bought the kina grannis cd. it’s amazing and cambridge is my new favorite song.
– 2 other purchases that have changed my life: kitchenaid mixer and my toms. how did i live without these two items before??

that’s it for now.

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watching the social network reminded me that i used to have a livejournal. i started reading my old entries and came across this one:

Sometimes you read things that you dont want to forget. My friend wrote this.

There are two types of love in the world. The first type is that kind of love that leaves you breathless. It makes you weak in the knees, have butterflies in your stomach, and makes you keel over like you’re going to throw up. Its a rush of blood to the head, and your life goes spinning out of control, as it defies all forms of logic, of rational thought, and replaces it with the magical dream like vise on everything that you do. Its debilitating, its exhilarating, its everything you hoped to wish for, and much too beautiful much to contain. You burst at the seams and it consumes you to the point of obliteration.

The second type of love is the exact opposite. It steadies you in its hands. It makes you strong, it makes you stand tall and walk into the world without fear. Rather than making you blind, this love grounds you so that life becomes clearer–crystal clear. You know exactly what it is that you must do now. There is nothing in this world that can break you down anymore, not pain, not even death. This is the love that builds you up with strength that you never knew you had, with a kind of life you have never breathed before.

The first love tears you down, the second builds you up. But true love, there is no one without the other. For in reality they are two aspects of the same thing. To just have the first is lust, to just have the second is pride. To have both is but a glimpse of what love really is.

i wonder which friend wrote this?

i posted this right after i met boyrobot. and now i’m married to him! <3

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an excerpt from an erma bombeck column after she found out she was dying of cancer entitled ‘if i had to life my life over”

“… I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I would have talked less and listened more. I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded. I would have eaten the popcorn in the ‘good’ living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. … I would have sat on the lawn with my kids, even if it meant grass stains.”

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there comes a point when your child is all grown up and it’s time to stop treating them like a kid and more of a peer/adult. i think when your kid has graduated from college, gotten married, and even owns her own home, the whole parenting role is kind of over. your kid is who they are going to be. there’s no point in continually correcting them/criticizing them on how they should behave.

seriously! i can’t even have a conversation with my mom without her correcting my vietnamese. ARGH.

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a few days ago, my mom flew over to visit me at the last minute because she was able to find cheap tickets. unfortunately, the departure time for that flight was at 6 AM. since my dad was already here, she was left with asking a family friend to drive her to the airport at 4 AM. she felt very bad and profusely thanked the friend. the friend told her that they were good friends and that she should not feel bad for asking a friend to do a favor. he was happy to help her out and that that was what friends do for each other.

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