25 May 2010

happy jumpintheocean day! 🙂

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09 Mar 2010

every year on may 5, my husband and i jump in the ocean with our clothes on. we started this when we began dating many years ago and it’s a constant reminder of our fun-loving, free-spirited, and completely random relationship. this past year, we got married and bought a house. we’re finally starting a life and home together and it got me so excited that i had to start a blog to document it all. this blog is going to be about my new life and my loves. whether it be the food i cook, the crafts i make, the things and people that inspire me, or the adventures I will embark on….it will all be here for me to remember to enjoy life and to not take anyone or any minute for granted.

my name is kim but you can call me girlrobot. my partner in crime will be known as boyrobot. (I like robots, ok? :))

you can also read more of my writing here.

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