weekend in review:

had a hotpot/korean bbq dinner with a bunch of friends. it was SO delish. boyrobot doesn’t even like shabu shabu and he loved it. our friends went all out and there was so much food: different types of sliced beef, scallops, salmon, mushrooms, udon, spinach, tofu, cabbage, and korean bbq. each couple had a full plate of beef and a full plate of veggies and at first i thought it was going to be too much but it was so good that we pretty much finished it! yikes!


on sat, i had to work but it’s not so bad since i will get an extra day off during the week. on saturdays it’s really quiet and boring at work (that’s a good thing). but they feed us dinner and this time they had double double cheeseburgers and fries from innnout. i rarely get cheese there or the double double so i felt spoiled! hehe.

i also made angry bird cupcakes for minh’s nephew’s bday. i was excited with how they turned out since this is my first time making a decorative dessert! i will be making more for our bake sale tomorrow. i’ll try to write up how i did it on eatsnaplove sometime. but if i can do it you know it’s easy!

Angry Bird Cupcakes

for our sunday night dinner, i wanted to experiment with recipes i am testing out for an upcoming “gourmet” dinner we our supposed to cook our friends. i am trying to cook food that i’ve never worked with so i started out with clams….it was pretty easy!


i really liked this recipe but the clams i bought were so big! never thought that would be a complaint but boyrobot and i both agreed that smaller clams would be tastier. i am glad i know how to prepare and cook clams now though!

i like how my weekends are about eating or making food. perhaps i need new hobbies? 🙂

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what a productive day it’s been! a few days a week this month, i have to work 2nd shift. so that means i get the WHOLE morning off by myself and it’s just wonderful. i get so much done. it’s like having the day off but not!


i have already:
– bought tickets to see proof at the huntington beach playhouse. i’m excited to explore the local theater here. and the tickets were so cheap! $10 through groupon!
– cleaned the toilet. i’m not a neat freak or anything (far from it) but one thing i can’t stand is a dirty toilet and it’s probably the only thing i consistently clean in this joint 🙂
– went grocery shopping and made a really healthy lunch and finished it off with some barley tea
– did laundry including washing the guest room sheets (i told you i love clean sheets! hehe)
– put away all the dishes sitting in the dishwasher

now if this day was a normal day i would have gone to work, came home, and completely vegged in front of the tv/computer until it was time for bed. there’s something about it being sunny outside that makes me want to do stuff!


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i love the location of our house. our walkability score is very high and all of the roads have bike lanes. now that summer is here i’ve been walking or riding my bike all around town.


my blue cruiser looks so skinny here!

the other day i rode my bike to a new sno cone place that opened up down the street that was voted the best dessert in orange county. i foresee myself coming here a lot this summer.

i asked them what their most popular flavor was: tropical treat

Tropical Treat

orange and pineapple ice with fresh strawberries and ice cream. we also added condensed milk because we’re asian like that. and yes, it was as good as it looks and sounds.

their menu sounds amazing though: red velvet, reese’s buttercup, green tea & raspberries, peanut butter & jelly…i’m all about those weird and quirky flavors

service is a little slow but they grind that ice on the spot. besides, they have this fun wall hook game that you can play while you wait.

sno on the go
6840 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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when i told boyrobot that we were eating beans on toast today he laughed at me. “that sounds stupid”.

i thought for sure there was a reason it was on the oc’s top 100 dishes to try. i was actually excited to try this dish that i had never seen or heard of. to see what the brits had done to make this a beloved snack.

unfortunately there was nothing magical about these beans.
Beans on Toast at The Olde Ship

i could have just as easily opened a can of heinz beans (the exact ones they use in fact), popped some bread in the toaster, and poured the beans over the toast. these were in fact just that. beans on toast.

to say i was disappointed was an understatement. boyrobot just laughed at me and at this ridiculous #100 eats list that i was making him join me on.

but. i will forge on. i will eat every dish. they can’t all be beans on toast, right?

ps. we also had the clam chowder which was slightly better but also not that great. a little too pasty/gloopy for me.
Clam Chowder 2

and the prime rib sandwich which i have no pictures of but was absolutely DELISH. now that should have been on the list!

The Olde Ship
1120 W. 17th St.
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 550-6700


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wow, it’s not often that i am impressed with vietnamese food considering i am vietnamese myself but if you are a fan of baked/grilled rice, this is the place to go. each morsel of rice was perfectly crisp. crunch crunch.

i ordered mine with the hainam chicken which was just ok. but definitely the real star is the rice. i will have to go back to try the rice with other dishes.

Luc Dinh Ky
9812 Bolsa Ave. #100
(714) 839-6813

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a few friends joined us for our food adventure on sunday


we decided to try #92 – lamb with pickled cabbage at mas’ islamic


mas’ islamic is an islamic chinese restaurant. i was really excited to try this place because i have always been curious about islamic chinese food. it sounds weird, but supposedly there is a big population of muslims living in china and this is where the food originated from. the menu consists of mostly the same thing as a regular chinese restaurant but with some differences like lamb dishes and the following sesame bread:


we had no idea it was going to be this big! but it was pretty tasty. crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. it went great with the lamb. the lamb dish itself was pretty good but be prepared for some sourness because of the pickled cabbage. definitely not something i would normally order but i’m glad this list is making me try stuff i wouldn’t normally try!

and i’m glad i was introduced to this restaurant. apparently, it’s one of the most famous and highly rated islamic chinese restaurants around and i definitely would love to go back to try other dishes!

mas’ islamic restaurant
601 e. orangethorpe ave.
anaheim, ca
(714) 446-955

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