seattle, wa: day 6

09 Aug 2011

boohoo. this was our last full day in seattle. this was probably our longest trip to seattle ever and it was still too short! we all had such a lovely time though and i liked how each day was relaxing and not rushed like some of my other trips where we try to pack in as much as we can each day. i love seattle.

every day we start out with food. this day we stopped by a sezchuan restaurant (forgot the name but it was really good!!). just enough spicy without being too spicy (my cousin may beg to differ tho :))

it’s surprising how many times i’ve been to seattle but i’ve never made it to snoqualmie falls til now. i was quite impressed with this waterfall! isn’t it beautiful?

the scenery in seattle is just breathtaking sometimes. my sister drove us around for some great views so of course we had to have some fun with the camera



more coffee…how many times did we get coffee during this trip? 🙂

also stopped by chocopolis where we partook in a chocolate tasting

and some awesome hot chocolate!

more pictures

and uh…planking 🙂

time for our final meal in seattle…at the book bindery! my sister’s favorite restaurant

the theme of this restaurant was so cool. it felt like you were in the library of a really expensive house! the menu was even a “book”

amuse bouche


my main dish – some truffle/mushroom pasta

minh’s lamb

my cousin’s scallops

dessert!! see the white stuff under the ice cream? that’s browned butter powdered sugar and so yummy and cool! it made me interested in molecular gastronomy and i claimed it would become my new hobby! still need to get me a kit.

i’m so surprised how these food pictures turned out considering how dark the restaurant was. i love my little camera!

so that’s the end of my seattle recap. i had such an amazing time. it was especially nice for me to bond with my younger cousin and to see her bond with minh. by the end of the trip they had nicknames for each other lol.

thanks so much to my sister and her husband’s wonderful hospitality and carting us around everywhere. my sister is always the best hostess! i really wish she (along with the rest of my brother and sisters) lived closer!!!

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seattle, wa: day 5

07 Aug 2011

wow, i’ve been soo lazy about blogging. gonna try really hard to finish this trip recap this week before i forget everything that happened!

day 5 started with lunch at tom douglas’s serious pie. it was good but it made me miss the pizza i had in italy. the pizza on the right had an egg on it just like the pizza we had in italy but it wasn’t as tasty.


afterwards we went around the corner two dahlia bakery to try their famous coconut cream pie. it was so expensive so all we got were the “bites” which were $2 each

of course we made a stop at pike’s market including the first starbucks. it’s a lot more crowded here than i ever remembered it being!

we always have to watch at least one person catch a fish

i do not remember if we did anything else after pike’s market but somehow we started eating again.

unlike the pizza, this gelato rivaled what i had in italy!

we also stopped by the walrus and the carpenter for their happy hour. SOOO GOOD! $1 oysters and yummy drinks



oops…almost forgot about the rest of the day since i didn’t have pictures! we went home where my sister invited her friends quynh and yenvy (2 of my favorite seattlites…such lovely, funny, and sweet ladies!) and we had a delicious home cooked dinner with king salmon, truffle cheese, a variety of meats, and my sister’s famous herbed butter. SO YUM!

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seattle, wa: day 4

26 Jul 2011

we started the day with a french breakfast at cafe presse. this was probably one of my favorite meals because i love foods like this!

first time eating a croque madame

assorted french breads with butters, jams, pates, prosciutto, and various other goodies!

then we stopped next door for some stumptown coffee

since it was my cousin’s first time in seattle, we had to visit the fremont troll for some pictures

and then we walked around shopping. we stopped by the BEST vintage store i have ever been in. there were def some things i wanted to buy. i found a shelf of vintage pyrex and my sister tells me she has an extra set at home to give me. score!!

we are all boba junkies so we had to stop at my sister’s favorite boba place (i forgot the name!). i always like trying new flavors so i had guava green tea with rainbow jelly.

minh had a tasty strawberry milk tea. he can’t seem to find a decent place in LA that makes it so he was really happy

next we visited the microsoft campus since my sister’s husband daniel works there. he showed us the microsoft store and museum.

don’t i just fit right in? 🙂

my cousin myra made it onto their wall of photos

we ended the days activities with a trip to the shooting range where my sister’s neighbor gave us shooting lessons. i decided not to shoot since i have gone shooting with minh before and i didn’t really enjoy it. it was fun documenting the experience for the others though!

alex was a great and very informative teacher

we bought these zombie targets. this one is named jimmy. (no we did not name it so don’t be offended jimmies of the world!)

just a few days left of our trip left…. 🙁

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seattle, wa: day 3

25 Jul 2011

day 3 was 4th of july. my sister planned an all day picnic at the park with a stunning view of the fireworks (or so we thought :P)

we started the day making tons of cookies: my sister’s favorite snickerdoodles, blueberry oatmeal, and a hodgepodge cookie (i don’t remember what was in it but it i think there was chocolate, some nuts, and some cherries ?). anyways, they were all so good. i love homemade cookies!



after making cookies and before we made our way to the park, we decided to walk to the nearby starbucks. minh has to have a starbucks when he is in seattle. the walk was nice and my sister’s husband daniel gave us a “walking tour” of the area which included the world’s first costco! hehe.

mission accomplished

after that we headed out to the park to claim our spot. we were one of the first ones there.

we were hoping the fireworks would be in this huge patch of open sky. it ended up being behind those trees to the right. BUMMER. but at least we had fun all day hanging out at the park!

we had a lot of food (ribs, leftover oysters), snacks, and alcohol disguised as food to keep us entertained until the fireworks.

homemade tarts

rummy bears = gummy bears soaked in rum overnight

we also had jello shots but i guess i forgot to take a picture of those!

while eating some flaming cheetos minh found a rare circle cheeto. i got to eat it. nom.

we played with cute babies

and cute doggies

i forgot to take pictures down by the water where it was really crowded and festive. they had music and carnival type food. we spent an hour hanging out there people watching.

darkness is approaching!

we ended up having to get up to see the fireworks through the trees. and i won’t torture you with my horrible fireworks pictures because i did not have the correct lens on me nor a tripod. see?


btw, we were watching the kirkland fireworks. if you are in seattle, the seattle fireworks are much better. we could see them on the far end of the water. i spent most of my time watching those instead! much more impressive 🙂

all in all, it was such a fun and relaxing day. aside from the bad view of the fireworks, it was perfect!

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seattle, wa: day 2

20 Jul 2011

day 2: clamming and oyster shucking!
the next day we woke up and drove 2 hrs away to Dosewallips State Park to go clamming. the drive was far but SO beautiful. i miss this type of scenery in socal but it makes me appreciate it so much more when i do get to see it!


my sister shows us how to shuck an oyster

it doesn’t get fresher than this! i was too big of a wuss to do this hehe

We saw amazing sealife:

a starfish!

tons of crabs


a disgusting large snail(?)

a sand dollar. wish i had taken one back with me as a keepsake! 🙁

digging for clams. so sad we did not find any geoducks that day 🙁

people getting bags and bags full of oysters probably to sell. can you believe all the clams and oysters we shucked were free?

my cousin shucks her first oyster!

when we got home my sister made dinner with all of the goods we bought home. SO GOOD!

our loot

fresh herbs from my sister’s garden

deep fried oysters

these clams were SO GOOD

my sister also made this amazing corn with her herbed butter and other foods that i am missing. i took a picture of the dinner table but i think it came out blurry. boo. 🙁

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seattle, wa: day 1

20 Jul 2011

over 4th of july, i went to visit my sister and husband in seattle, wa. i went with the hubs and i took my cousin myra as a graduation present! it was such a fun trip filled with awesome memories and great food. no surprise that good food follows wherever my sister goes though 🙂 i have been to seattle several times and i never get bored with the city. it’s definitely one of my faves to visit!

i took a TON of pictures but one thing i am learning is that i need to document as much as possible because my memory is going ha! btw i still love my camera. so sad that it is all dinged up from my dropping it a million times but it still works like a champ! here’s a rundown of what we did and what we ate. it will probably be filled with a lot of details that you don’t care about so sorry in advance!!

day 1: arrival and dinner at facing east
excited for my cousin’s first real big trip! so glad we scored tix on jetblue, one of my favorite airlines. we made her take this picture while getting on the plane 🙂

from the airport we went straight to my sister’s favorite restaurant: facing east. it did not disappoint. the food was so unique and i don’t really remember eating anything like this in LA despite all of the asian food we are surrounded by. my sister eats here so often that all of the waiters know her and hooked us up on what to order and gave us tons of mango for the mango shaved ice!
one of my favorites was the pork bao burger


this smoked chicken was also amazing!

my sister’s favorite, braised tofu

and for dessert the famous mango shaved ice. they dumped on a whole other bowl of mangos on top of this after!

after dinner we went to my sister’s townhome. this was the first time i got to see her place and the place was so very her! it’s full of cute and eclectic items..loved it!

her collection of munnies!

pictures like these are everywhere: the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms hehe


how does someone garden in gloomy seattle weather? i forgot to take a picture of my sister’s deck which is full of plants and beautiful flowers!

my dream cookbook library. it has ALL of the big name ones!

ok when i said there were a lot of pics..i meant it! i think i will separate these posts into different days. the next one is a biggie!

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a summer day

10 Jul 2011

what is my favorite summer food? sno cones (can’t wait to ride my bike to sno on the go)

what am i thankful for today? fresh, ripe mangoes

who did i spend time with today? what did we do together? most of the day was spent with boyrobot. we went shopping and bought some sandals for him, a maxi skirt for me, and some spicy dry squid from the asian supermarket. we also briefly stopped by boyrobot’s brother’s house to test his new apple tv.

what’s my favorite song? book? game? for the moment it’s: kina grannis’s cambridge, the hunger games, hanging with friends

what did i eat for breakfast? lunch? dinner? chocolate croissants (from TJs), clam chowder in a bread bowl from boudin, and garlic clams & pasta and mango sticky rice for dessert

if i could go anywhere this summer where would i go? i am not sure but somewhere with cool weather please.

describe my perfect summer day: i am not sure but it would definitely involve sleeping in, having brunch somewhere, and eating sno cones or shaved ice

what did i watch on tv today? the jaycee dugard special on primetime. what a horrible story. made me teary a few times!

what was the most fun i had this week? well this is a tough one since i just got back from my seattle trip which was filled with so much great things! i guess i’d have to say clamming since i love unique experiences and i have never gone clamming before. a seattle recap is coming soon btw.

describe the funniest thing that happened to me this week: boyrobot embarassing me all week in front of my family. i won’t go into details hehe.

where did i go today? what did i love about this place? metro pointe at south coast. my favorite store in this plaza is nordstrom rack. they have great deals!!

what is my favorite thing to do outside in the summer? ride my bike or walk instead of driving everywhere

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summer is not officially here yet but i am already getting excited with the thought of warm weather, bikes rides, sno cones, and BBQs. In fact, my first BBQ of the year is tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!

i have started looking into things to do this summer. i really want to go to one of those shakepeare in the park events or outdoor movies. i just love being outdoors when the weather is nice! i, of course, also love PICNICS and i can’t wait to go on one soon!

last week i brought out my ice cream maker which i haven’t touched since before fall/winter and i have a long list of ice cream recipes that i can’t wait to work my way through.

summers are usually all about big blockbuster movies and we already have decided we’ll be seeing the hangover 2 tomorrow night and xmen next week. i’ll def be checking these movies that will be coming out sometime this summer as well: tree of life, harry potter, midnight in paris

i just bought tickets to visit my sister in seattle over 4th of july. i haven’t been back to seattle in a couple of years so i can’t wait to finally see my sister’s house and eat at all the places she keeps telling me about!

speaking of eating, boyrobot and i still have a long way to go in exploring all of the great places to eat around us. even though i feel like we eat out all of the time, it feels like there are so many places to try still! i am slowly discovering my favorites.

today i finished a book that my cousin let me borrow. she is my personal library and she always knows what i like to read! but honestly for the past few years i have barely read any books which is sad because one of my greatest pleasures in life is a good book. i am now a card carrying member at my amazing local library (the huntington beach library!) and i also have an ipad which i really like as an e-reader so i have no excuse not to be reading more. i am definitely planning on reading a few more books before summer’s end.

and along that note, i really am going to try to spend less time on the computer. in fact, i am going to go through my google reader and start deleting some of the feeds i subscribe to. it’s become somewhat of a chore to read all of my “unread” items daily.

summers always make me feel like reinventing/bettering myself. hopefully i follow through!

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weekend in review:

had a hotpot/korean bbq dinner with a bunch of friends. it was SO delish. boyrobot doesn’t even like shabu shabu and he loved it. our friends went all out and there was so much food: different types of sliced beef, scallops, salmon, mushrooms, udon, spinach, tofu, cabbage, and korean bbq. each couple had a full plate of beef and a full plate of veggies and at first i thought it was going to be too much but it was so good that we pretty much finished it! yikes!


on sat, i had to work but it’s not so bad since i will get an extra day off during the week. on saturdays it’s really quiet and boring at work (that’s a good thing). but they feed us dinner and this time they had double double cheeseburgers and fries from innnout. i rarely get cheese there or the double double so i felt spoiled! hehe.

i also made angry bird cupcakes for minh’s nephew’s bday. i was excited with how they turned out since this is my first time making a decorative dessert! i will be making more for our bake sale tomorrow. i’ll try to write up how i did it on eatsnaplove sometime. but if i can do it you know it’s easy!

Angry Bird Cupcakes

for our sunday night dinner, i wanted to experiment with recipes i am testing out for an upcoming “gourmet” dinner we our supposed to cook our friends. i am trying to cook food that i’ve never worked with so i started out with clams….it was pretty easy!


i really liked this recipe but the clams i bought were so big! never thought that would be a complaint but boyrobot and i both agreed that smaller clams would be tastier. i am glad i know how to prepare and cook clams now though!

i like how my weekends are about eating or making food. perhaps i need new hobbies? 🙂

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what a productive day it’s been! a few days a week this month, i have to work 2nd shift. so that means i get the WHOLE morning off by myself and it’s just wonderful. i get so much done. it’s like having the day off but not!


i have already:
– bought tickets to see proof at the huntington beach playhouse. i’m excited to explore the local theater here. and the tickets were so cheap! $10 through groupon!
– cleaned the toilet. i’m not a neat freak or anything (far from it) but one thing i can’t stand is a dirty toilet and it’s probably the only thing i consistently clean in this joint 🙂
– went grocery shopping and made a really healthy lunch and finished it off with some barley tea
– did laundry including washing the guest room sheets (i told you i love clean sheets! hehe)
– put away all the dishes sitting in the dishwasher

now if this day was a normal day i would have gone to work, came home, and completely vegged in front of the tv/computer until it was time for bed. there’s something about it being sunny outside that makes me want to do stuff!


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