Tuesday 9th August 2011

by girlrobot

boohoo. this was our last full day in seattle. this was probably our longest trip to seattle ever and it was still too short! we all had such a lovely time though and i liked how each day was relaxing and not rushed like some of my other trips where we try to pack in as much as we can each day. i love seattle.

every day we start out with food. this day we stopped by a sezchuan restaurant (forgot the name but it was really good!!). just enough spicy without being too spicy (my cousin may beg to differ tho :))

it’s surprising how many times i’ve been to seattle but i’ve never made it to snoqualmie falls til now. i was quite impressed with this waterfall! isn’t it beautiful?

the scenery in seattle is just breathtaking sometimes. my sister drove us around for some great views so of course we had to have some fun with the camera



more coffee…how many times did we get coffee during this trip? 🙂

also stopped by chocopolis where we partook in a chocolate tasting

and some awesome hot chocolate!

more pictures

and uh…planking 🙂

time for our final meal in seattle…at the book bindery! my sister’s favorite restaurant

the theme of this restaurant was so cool. it felt like you were in the library of a really expensive house! the menu was even a “book”

amuse bouche


my main dish – some truffle/mushroom pasta

minh’s lamb

my cousin’s scallops

dessert!! see the white stuff under the ice cream? that’s browned butter powdered sugar and so yummy and cool! it made me interested in molecular gastronomy and i claimed it would become my new hobby! still need to get me a kit.

i’m so surprised how these food pictures turned out considering how dark the restaurant was. i love my little camera!

so that’s the end of my seattle recap. i had such an amazing time. it was especially nice for me to bond with my younger cousin and to see her bond with minh. by the end of the trip they had nicknames for each other lol.

thanks so much to my sister and her husband’s wonderful hospitality and carting us around everywhere. my sister is always the best hostess! i really wish she (along with the rest of my brother and sisters) lived closer!!!

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  1. Clamcasepgs says:

    удалите,пожалуйста! .

  2. girlrobot says:

    i’ve never had any around here like that!

  3. Myra says:

    That hot chocolate was SO good! Do they have it in socal anywhere?!

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