Sunday 7th August 2011

by girlrobot

wow, i’ve been soo lazy about blogging. gonna try really hard to finish this trip recap this week before i forget everything that happened!

day 5 started with lunch at tom douglas’s serious pie. it was good but it made me miss the pizza i had in italy. the pizza on the right had an egg on it just like the pizza we had in italy but it wasn’t as tasty.


afterwards we went around the corner two dahlia bakery to try their famous coconut cream pie. it was so expensive so all we got were the “bites” which were $2 each

of course we made a stop at pike’s market including the first starbucks. it’s a lot more crowded here than i ever remembered it being!

we always have to watch at least one person catch a fish

i do not remember if we did anything else after pike’s market but somehow we started eating again.

unlike the pizza, this gelato rivaled what i had in italy!

we also stopped by the walrus and the carpenter for their happy hour. SOOO GOOD! $1 oysters and yummy drinks



oops…almost forgot about the rest of the day since i didn’t have pictures! we went home where my sister invited her friends quynh and yenvy (2 of my favorite seattlites…such lovely, funny, and sweet ladies!) and we had a delicious home cooked dinner with king salmon, truffle cheese, a variety of meats, and my sister’s famous herbed butter. SO YUM!

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