Tuesday 26th July 2011

by girlrobot

we started the day with a french breakfast at cafe presse. this was probably one of my favorite meals because i love foods like this!

first time eating a croque madame

assorted french breads with butters, jams, pates, prosciutto, and various other goodies!

then we stopped next door for some stumptown coffee

since it was my cousin’s first time in seattle, we had to visit the fremont troll for some pictures

and then we walked around shopping. we stopped by the BEST vintage store i have ever been in. there were def some things i wanted to buy. i found a shelf of vintage pyrex and my sister tells me she has an extra set at home to give me. score!!

we are all boba junkies so we had to stop at my sister’s favorite boba place (i forgot the name!). i always like trying new flavors so i had guava green tea with rainbow jelly.

minh had a tasty strawberry milk tea. he can’t seem to find a decent place in LA that makes it so he was really happy

next we visited the microsoft campus since my sister’s husband daniel works there. he showed us the microsoft store and museum.

don’t i just fit right in? 🙂

my cousin myra made it onto their wall of photos

we ended the days activities with a trip to the shooting range where my sister’s neighbor gave us shooting lessons. i decided not to shoot since i have gone shooting with minh before and i didn’t really enjoy it. it was fun documenting the experience for the others though!

alex was a great and very informative teacher

we bought these zombie targets. this one is named jimmy. (no we did not name it so don’t be offended jimmies of the world!)

just a few days left of our trip left…. 🙁

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