Monday 25th July 2011

by girlrobot

day 3 was 4th of july. my sister planned an all day picnic at the park with a stunning view of the fireworks (or so we thought :P)

we started the day making tons of cookies: my sister’s favorite snickerdoodles, blueberry oatmeal, and a hodgepodge cookie (i don’t remember what was in it but it i think there was chocolate, some nuts, and some cherries ?). anyways, they were all so good. i love homemade cookies!



after making cookies and before we made our way to the park, we decided to walk to the nearby starbucks. minh has to have a starbucks when he is in seattle. the walk was nice and my sister’s husband daniel gave us a “walking tour” of the area which included the world’s first costco! hehe.

mission accomplished

after that we headed out to the park to claim our spot. we were one of the first ones there.

we were hoping the fireworks would be in this huge patch of open sky. it ended up being behind those trees to the right. BUMMER. but at least we had fun all day hanging out at the park!

we had a lot of food (ribs, leftover oysters), snacks, and alcohol disguised as food to keep us entertained until the fireworks.

homemade tarts

rummy bears = gummy bears soaked in rum overnight

we also had jello shots but i guess i forgot to take a picture of those!

while eating some flaming cheetos minh found a rare circle cheeto. i got to eat it. nom.

we played with cute babies

and cute doggies

i forgot to take pictures down by the water where it was really crowded and festive. they had music and carnival type food. we spent an hour hanging out there people watching.

darkness is approaching!

we ended up having to get up to see the fireworks through the trees. and i won’t torture you with my horrible fireworks pictures because i did not have the correct lens on me nor a tripod. see?


btw, we were watching the kirkland fireworks. if you are in seattle, the seattle fireworks are much better. we could see them on the far end of the water. i spent most of my time watching those instead! much more impressive 🙂

all in all, it was such a fun and relaxing day. aside from the bad view of the fireworks, it was perfect!

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