Wednesday 20th July 2011

by girlrobot

over 4th of july, i went to visit my sister and husband in seattle, wa. i went with the hubs and i took my cousin myra as a graduation present! it was such a fun trip filled with awesome memories and great food. no surprise that good food follows wherever my sister goes though 🙂 i have been to seattle several times and i never get bored with the city. it’s definitely one of my faves to visit!

i took a TON of pictures but one thing i am learning is that i need to document as much as possible because my memory is going ha! btw i still love my camera. so sad that it is all dinged up from my dropping it a million times but it still works like a champ! here’s a rundown of what we did and what we ate. it will probably be filled with a lot of details that you don’t care about so sorry in advance!!

day 1: arrival and dinner at facing east
excited for my cousin’s first real big trip! so glad we scored tix on jetblue, one of my favorite airlines. we made her take this picture while getting on the plane 🙂

from the airport we went straight to my sister’s favorite restaurant: facing east. it did not disappoint. the food was so unique and i don’t really remember eating anything like this in LA despite all of the asian food we are surrounded by. my sister eats here so often that all of the waiters know her and hooked us up on what to order and gave us tons of mango for the mango shaved ice!
one of my favorites was the pork bao burger


this smoked chicken was also amazing!

my sister’s favorite, braised tofu

and for dessert the famous mango shaved ice. they dumped on a whole other bowl of mangos on top of this after!

after dinner we went to my sister’s townhome. this was the first time i got to see her place and the place was so very her! it’s full of cute and eclectic items..loved it!

her collection of munnies!

pictures like these are everywhere: the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms hehe


how does someone garden in gloomy seattle weather? i forgot to take a picture of my sister’s deck which is full of plants and beautiful flowers!

my dream cookbook library. it has ALL of the big name ones!

ok when i said there were a lot of pics..i meant it! i think i will separate these posts into different days. the next one is a biggie!

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