Sunday 10th July 2011

by girlrobot

what is my favorite summer food? sno cones (can’t wait to ride my bike to sno on the go)

what am i thankful for today? fresh, ripe mangoes

who did i spend time with today? what did we do together? most of the day was spent with boyrobot. we went shopping and bought some sandals for him, a maxi skirt for me, and some spicy dry squid from the asian supermarket. we also briefly stopped by boyrobot’s brother’s house to test his new apple tv.

what’s my favorite song? book? game? for the moment it’s: kina grannis’s cambridge, the hunger games, hanging with friends

what did i eat for breakfast? lunch? dinner? chocolate croissants (from TJs), clam chowder in a bread bowl from boudin, and garlic clams & pasta and mango sticky rice for dessert

if i could go anywhere this summer where would i go? i am not sure but somewhere with cool weather please.

describe my perfect summer day: i am not sure but it would definitely involve sleeping in, having brunch somewhere, and eating sno cones or shaved ice

what did i watch on tv today? the jaycee dugard special on primetime. what a horrible story. made me teary a few times!

what was the most fun i had this week? well this is a tough one since i just got back from my seattle trip which was filled with so much great things! i guess i’d have to say clamming since i love unique experiences and i have never gone clamming before. a seattle recap is coming soon btw.

describe the funniest thing that happened to me this week: boyrobot embarassing me all week in front of my family. i won’t go into details hehe.

where did i go today? what did i love about this place? metro pointe at south coast. my favorite store in this plaza is nordstrom rack. they have great deals!!

what is my favorite thing to do outside in the summer? ride my bike or walk instead of driving everywhere

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