Sunday 29th May 2011

by girlrobot

summer is not officially here yet but i am already getting excited with the thought of warm weather, bikes rides, sno cones, and BBQs. In fact, my first BBQ of the year is tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!

i have started looking into things to do this summer. i really want to go to one of those shakepeare in the park events or outdoor movies. i just love being outdoors when the weather is nice! i, of course, also love PICNICS and i can’t wait to go on one soon!

last week i brought out my ice cream maker which i haven’t touched since before fall/winter and i have a long list of ice cream recipes that i can’t wait to work my way through.

summers are usually all about big blockbuster movies and we already have decided we’ll be seeing the hangover 2 tomorrow night and xmen next week. i’ll def be checking these movies that will be coming out sometime this summer as well: tree of life, harry potter, midnight in paris

i just bought tickets to visit my sister in seattle over 4th of july. i haven’t been back to seattle in a couple of years so i can’t wait to finally see my sister’s house and eat at all the places she keeps telling me about!

speaking of eating, boyrobot and i still have a long way to go in exploring all of the great places to eat around us. even though i feel like we eat out all of the time, it feels like there are so many places to try still! i am slowly discovering my favorites.

today i finished a book that my cousin let me borrow. she is my personal library and she always knows what i like to read! but honestly for the past few years i have barely read any books which is sad because one of my greatest pleasures in life is a good book. i am now a card carrying member at my amazing local library (the huntington beach library!) and i also have an ipad which i really like as an e-reader so i have no excuse not to be reading more. i am definitely planning on reading a few more books before summer’s end.

and along that note, i really am going to try to spend less time on the computer. in fact, i am going to go through my google reader and start deleting some of the feeds i subscribe to. it’s become somewhat of a chore to read all of my “unread” items daily.

summers always make me feel like reinventing/bettering myself. hopefully i follow through!

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