Sunday 15th May 2011

by girlrobot

weekend in review:

had a hotpot/korean bbq dinner with a bunch of friends. it was SO delish. boyrobot doesn’t even like shabu shabu and he loved it. our friends went all out and there was so much food: different types of sliced beef, scallops, salmon, mushrooms, udon, spinach, tofu, cabbage, and korean bbq. each couple had a full plate of beef and a full plate of veggies and at first i thought it was going to be too much but it was so good that we pretty much finished it! yikes!


on sat, i had to work but it’s not so bad since i will get an extra day off during the week. on saturdays it’s really quiet and boring at work (that’s a good thing). but they feed us dinner and this time they had double double cheeseburgers and fries from innnout. i rarely get cheese there or the double double so i felt spoiled! hehe.

i also made angry bird cupcakes for minh’s nephew’s bday. i was excited with how they turned out since this is my first time making a decorative dessert! i will be making more for our bake sale tomorrow. i’ll try to write up how i did it on eatsnaplove sometime. but if i can do it you know it’s easy!

Angry Bird Cupcakes

for our sunday night dinner, i wanted to experiment with recipes i am testing out for an upcoming “gourmet” dinner we our supposed to cook our friends. i am trying to cook food that i’ve never worked with so i started out with clams….it was pretty easy!


i really liked this recipe but the clams i bought were so big! never thought that would be a complaint but boyrobot and i both agreed that smaller clams would be tastier. i am glad i know how to prepare and cook clams now though!

i like how my weekends are about eating or making food. perhaps i need new hobbies? 🙂

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