Monday 9th May 2011

by girlrobot

like most of my blogs, i’ve kind of neglected this here journal. but i made a silent goal with myself that i was going to document my life better by taking more pictures and writing more. but sadly i have done neither. half the year is almost gone and what do i have to show for it? memories that are quickly fading with time and my old age…..i can barely remember what i had for lunch yesterday!

for awhile i felt like nothing was interesting enough to write about. or if something interesting happened i couldn’t put it into the right words to convey how i felt. i think i had the mindset that i was writing for others. well i’ve decided this blog is going to be for myself. i miss writing about the mundane things in my life that probably noone will find interesting but me. i miss appreciating all of the little things in life and remembering them.


so i will write about the food i ate. the movies i saw. and how i did laundry today and how much i enjoy clean sheets (oh the joys of having your own washer and dryer….i still can’t get over how nice that is after living in apts/dorms for so long!)


and as a little catch up on what’s been going on in my life:

– visited the la zoo for the first time
– tried yoga with boyrobot (it was hilarious)
– went to vegas and for the first time ever i did not gamble at all
– saw lion king (in vegas)
– my grandmother passed away. it sucked.
– my whole family stayed at my house. it was crazy but fun. and i miss them.
– i have been making a lot of dinners for friends, eating out a lot, and just generally getting to know oc a little better
– realized again how much i love where i live. i’m across the street from a target. does it get better than that?
– love seeing old friends that i have not seen in ages
– finally bought the kina grannis cd. it’s amazing and cambridge is my new favorite song.
– 2 other purchases that have changed my life: kitchenaid mixer and my toms. how did i live without these two items before??

that’s it for now.

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One Response to “the best way to be boring is to leave nothing out”

  1. che says:

    yay! i stopped writing about stuff in my life and treating my blog like a diary because i thought it was boring for others and also i was trying to be more private. but after you said you’d write more for yourself, im more interested in what you’ll have to say 🙂

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