Saturday 8th January 2011

by girlrobot

i am so mad that i didn’t start on these cookies earlier in the day because i did not have time to snap a picture of them or adequately cool them before I stuffed them in containers. tonight was one of my friend’s birthday dinner and i wanted to make her her favorite dessert since i had the day off today and because i am trying to bake more. her bf tells me it’s creme brulee. seriously? 1. i don’t have a torch. 2. creme brulee is not the most portable dessert and doesn’t travel well. so i decided perhaps i’ll make creme brulee cupcakes or….COOKIES!

yes. i went with the cookies. and i used this recipe.

let me tell you, if you are a fan of cinnamon, sugar, and creme brulee….you will L O V E these cookies. i ate one and i was like woah. this is good. boyrobot eat this and tell me are these good? and he was like yes those are good. w i n n e r!

i ate them while they were still warm. i hope they still tasted as good when my friend tries them. not sure if they keep too well.

this recipe is going in my “must make again” list.

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