Saturday 16th October 2010

by girlrobot

i think i’m a food traveler. my travels revolve around food. if i had good meals during a trip, then i most likely had a good time. a lot of my research for this trip involved finding the “best of” everything. i tried to eat the best fish and chips in london, the best croissant in paris, the best gelato in italy, and much more. i literally took a picture of every food we put in our mouth. the following is a subset of my favorites with addresses for the places i recommend eating at.

this one wasn’t in europe but i had to include it because tim horton’s is classic and we knew we had to have some when we saw it at the airport in toronto. four apple fritters plz!

our first stop was ye olde cheshire cheese a really famous pub that mark twain once ate at! the food was just ok. i then realized why london is not known for their food 😛

we also stopped by borough market which was a really fun and big farmer’s market with tons of food. i really liked the atmosphere but my main purpose for going there was to try these famous toasted cheese sandwiches from kappacasein


wow. it was way too cheesy…i don’t know how anyone could eat a whole one. i like cheese too!

borough market
borough high street
london, united kingdom
se1 9de

the one thing i knew i had to eat in london was fish and chips. so after much research, i settled on the golden hind. MMMMMMMMMMM IT WAS SO GOOD! i loved it. i’ve also discovered that i love mushy peas so i had to order some on the side. unfortunately, the mushy peas weren’t as good as the one i had in the states. 🙁


we contemplated ordering “the spotted dick” for dessert just to see what it was.


but we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it and settled on apple crumb with custard


it doesn’t look that appetizing but it was actually really delicious! it was warm and gooey and apple-y. wonder where i can get this in the states!

the golden hinde
pickfords wharf
clink street
london SE1 9DG, United Kingdom

during our day trip to bath, we ate at sally lunn’s which is the oldest house in bath and home of the famous sally lunn bun


when we first arrived in paris, we noticed paninis and crepes galore. definitely had to be our first meal so we chose a random one near our apt


this next one was one of my favorite meals from the whole trip. it was just fun! and so glad we went with 4 people so we could try the cheese and the meat fondue (you have to have a mininum of 2 ppl/fondue)

it starts out with a tray of cheeses, salamis, olives, etc


the coolest part about this restaurant is how they serve the red wine…in baby bottles! this is how they get around france’s tax on wine in glasses


both fondues were delicious

le refuge des fondues
17 rue des 3 Frères, 75018
paris, france

the bakeries in paris were amazing. i wish i had the stomach, money, and metabolism to try everything!


this is one of the best, if not the best, croissant in paris. very flaky and yummy.


au levain du marais
28, blvd beaumarchais
paris, france

there was a really big farmer’s market near our apt that had everything you could think of. we ended up buying stuff for a picnic we had later on at the eiffel tower


i couldn’t go to paris without trying the best french bread. supposedly, this chain by eric kayser is where it’s at.


and yes…it was really good

his bakery also has a variety of desserts as well

eric kayser can be found all throughout paris

the best hot chocolate. i thought it was a little too thick for me but my travelmates loved it.


226 rue de rivoli
75001 paris, france

if u love macarons, you know of pierre herme. walking into his “bakery” was more like walking into a tiffany’s jewelry store. there was a line just to get in! i loved his window display


i think this one might have been my fave


pierre herme
72 rue bonaparte
paris, france

while we were in europe, i celebrated my 31st bday. minh took me to chez dumonet for my bday dinner.

the best duck confit. wow…soo good.


the creamiest, most decadent foie gras pate. i still dream of this.


chez dumonet is also known for their grand marnier souffle. i will def have to come back here and eat again if i ever find myself back in paris


it was a perfect meal and probably my best meal on the whole trip.


chez dumonet
117 rue du cherche-midi
paris, france

more crepes

happy crepe maker

grumpy crepe maker

the best ice cream


31 rue st louis en l’ile
75004 paris, france

wow, i just realized that i have a lot of food pictures so i should probably split this into 2 posts.

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