Saturday 16th October 2010

by girlrobot

vienna was such a great way to end the trip. by this time, all of our feet were pretty sore from the countless walking around we did all over europe. vienna does not have many attractions so we mostly relaxed and walked around for our last few days. vienna is so beautiful and probably the cleanest country i had seen in europe. people were very nice, polite, and courteous. we noticed that in their subways it ran on the honor system. there were no turnstiles to scan our tickets through. turns out vienna has one of the lowest crime rates in europe. and the subways were so orderly! it was on par to how the japanese subways were. it was nice being in a country where everyone had manners.

one of our days was spent visiting the shonbrunn palace and its grounds. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! the gardens were impeccably taken care of. doesn’t this picture look like a painting?


there were lots of parks, gardens, fountains, and even a “maze” around the palace


most of our day was spent actually visiting the schonbrunner zoo. i read really great reviews about this zoo and it turned out to be a lot of fun! i have never gotten so close to some of the animals and they all seemed to be up and about. highly recommend the zoo if you go to vienna!


these bats were the creepiest things ever. i did not get a picture of it but one of the bats opened it’s wings up and it was soooo huge!!!


on the other hand, isn’t this guy super adorable????


a good example of how close we were to the animals! never saw this at the wild animal park here!!


had to include this picture of these turtles because they are probably about a zillion years old. so big!


after the zoo, we walked up this hill to the gloriette which offered a nice view of the grounds

i loved walking around the city of vienna. the architecture was beautiful.


photo (7)

this picture makes me laugh. on our last night we flew back to london and since we had an early flight home, fong and mike spent the night at the airport while minh and i went out and explored london. when we came back, this is how we found them!


overall, i had such an awesome time in europe. i can’t wait to explore the rest of it! london was my favorite but paris had the best food. italy was soooo beautiful (well some parts!) and full of history while vienna just had a good vibe about it. it reinforced in me how much i just love travelling!!

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