Thursday 14th October 2010

by girlrobot

we’re almost near the end, only 1 more country after this! i remember being on this trip and thinking….wow, this is one long vacation! it was definitely my longest trip to date. i did not feel homesick yet, but instead felt an impending dread thinking abut going back to regular life. i updated my facebook status while i was on this trip, but i will repeat it here. after you visit europe, you will realize how boring america truly is!

anyways, onto florence. we only had 4 days here and 2 of those days were day trips to venice and cinque terre so i will go ahead and combine those cities into this post as well. in short, i really liked florence and wished we had more time there. there are no major sights really aside from seeing the david (really cool but the jury is still out on if it was worth it considering we had a 3+ hour wait to go inside of the museum), the duomo, and the ponte vecchio. the street vendors/shopping and the food definitely seem to be the highlights. this is where everyone goes to buy their leather goods. we ended up doing most of our souvenir shopping here.

ponte vecchio

the duomo

one of 2 david statues in florence. The real one is in a museum but no cameras were allowed inside.

our first day trip was to venice. i have heard most people don’t really like venice but i loved it! it’s very small though so i was glad pretty much everyone advised us not to stay there overnight. i just loved how the city had no streets and there was water everywhere! by the end of the day, we were running through the city because we got lost and were trying to catch the last train home so we wandered through tons of tiny alleys. the kind where i could touch both sides of the walls if i wanted too. i just thought it was the coolest thing.


no taxis, just gondolas


while we were in st. mark’s square, we encountered this street artist who claimed to be the world’s fasted artist according to the guinness book of world records. we watched him draw this from start to finish and although i’m not sure if his claim is true, his painting was very fast! it was amazing to watch. minh and i contemplated buying one but i’m not sure it would have matched the decor of our house.


i think i really liked venice because there is really no place in the world like it. even their firetrucks were fire gondolas!

lastly, we have cinque terre. when we first stepped onto the first land, i couldn’t help but think that this might be one of the most beautiful places i have visited in my lifetime. each of the five lands was so cute and quaint. i would love to come back here with boyrobot and spend a few days exploring this place.



on one of our walks through one of the little towns, i encountered this statue. i immediately declared it the fong (one of our travel mates) statue because of the pose. we had been joking the whole trip about fong’s photo pose and here was this statue in the EXACT same pose. weird, right?


the similarity is uncanny isn’t it? especially since the statue is of a man!

i honestly could have added about 10 more pictures to this post but i didn’t want to bore u guys. the pics i shot from these days were probably my favorite from the trip. it had nothing to do with my camera or my photography skills, the places were just so beautiful i couldn’t have messed it up if i tried.

to round out the trip, i will be posting about our trip to vienna next. unfortunately, it might be a short post since we were only there for 2 days and i forgot my camera on one of those days! but after that i will be making a giant europe foodie post. i have so many suggestions and reviews to share with you all!

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2 Responses to “europe 2010 pt. 4: florence/venice/cinque terre”

  1. girlrobot says:

    i think the pigeons were annoying everywhere in europe. i think only austria did not have pigeons. i was so paranoid about having bird poop on me!!

    yes, we should def go to cinque terre together !!!

  2. Yang says:

    I can see what you mean about why you like Venice. I guess when I said I disliked Venice, I was thinking about how crowded, dirty (fumes from the boats and all of the pigeons in the main square), and how expensive everything was. Plus I was comparing it against the other places I had visited in Italy. But the points you mention about Venice are definitely true and does makes Venice truly a unique place that everyone should see!

    I would gladly go to cinque terre again, I want to go there with Chris this time!!! We can all go together!

    The Fong statue is hilarious!!!

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