Saturday 9th October 2010

by girlrobot

well, after our 15+ hr bus ride we finally made it to rome. my first thoughts while we were driving into rome were that it (sadly) reminded me of peru (i hated peru) and that it was very dirty. it turned out to be the dirtiest place we went to on that trip. luckily, we booked our hotel at a fancy sheraton hotel (another travelzoo deal!) which turned out to be the nicest place we stayed at. the hotel is located on the outskirts of rome but they provided a free bus into and back from town all throughout the day so that was really nice and convenient. because to be honest, the subways in rome were the dirtiest! there is graffiti all over the city and even on the subway


it is kind of sad that such a historical place has really been ruined by a lot of graffiti. luckily, there are not any on the major tourist sights! other than the dirtiness of it all (and it wasn’t that dirty…just not like the rest of europe that we had been to) rome is a pretty magical place. when you are there you can’t help but imagine yourself back in time and it feels very surreal.

after we got settled into our hotel, it was already evening by then, we headed into town to grab dinner and to walk around exploring. the things i liked best about italy as a whole, were that there are a lot of cool alleyways (that are not scary to walk through like the US) and all of the outdoor dining they have. it makes for such a lively atmosphere as you’re walking through town. in rome, there were tons of piazzas like this one


around these squares are shops and restaurants and just tons of people milling around. our random walk happened to lead us to the pantheon


before you know it, it was super late and time for bed. the next morning we headed to vatican city. fyi when you go there they have a strict dress code. in particular, girls must have their shoulders covered and their pants/dress must reach their knees!


unfortunately, no sighting of the pope


we visited st peter’s basilica and the vatican museum. both were quite impressive even though i am not religious or catholic.




inside the vatican museum they have tons of different kinds of art


everyone called this one the bill clinton statue. totally looks like him doesn’t it? 🙂


boyrobot especially enjoyed the rooms that had all of the walls painted by raphael



the coolest part was of course the sistine chapel but no pictures were allowed in there and i wasn’t daring enough to sneak one. i totally should have though!

after vatican city, we went back to rome to wander through more piazzas


and this time we got to go inside of the pantheon


did you know there is a hole in the middle of the pantheon ceiling? at first we were arguing if there was a hole or if there was a glass cover. turns out it’s a hole. and there are these holes in the ground to drain the water.


we then wandered over to the famous trevi fountain. it was super crowded but we managed to find some seats and just chill there people watching


and we ended our night at the spanish steps


the next day was spent exploring the coliseum and the roman forums!


inside of the coliseum


this is the arch of constantine which is right next to the coliseum


the following is some REALLY old stuff… 🙂



rome inspired some deep thoughts and grand ideas


boo…wish those women had gotten out of the picture!


overall, rome was way better than peru. and like every city that we went to, i felt like i needed 1 more day to fully appreciate everything. but we were scheduled to head to florence the next day. i still can’t believe i got to do and see all of this last month!!!

ps. i apologize for any grammatical errors or misspellings. it’s super late and i’m realllllllly tired!

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4 Responses to “europe 2010 pt. 3: rome”

  1. Acank says:

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  2. boogiemouse says:

    i agree with you that rome was so dirty, the entire town looks like the ruins. but i liked their simple food! very pretty pictures kim!

  3. girlrobot says:

    actually hate is a strong word. but it def ranks low on my places i’ve visited. i dont think i will be going to india either hehe

  4. Yang says:

    It’s funny how you think everything is better than Peru. I would have to say everything is better than Peru AND India. At least we were able to eat in Peru! haha.

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