Tuesday 5th October 2010

by girlrobot

i last left you off as we boarded the chunnel from london to paris. in case you didn’t know, the chunnel is a train tunnel that runs under the english channel. of course, as you’re riding the train you don’t know when you’re actually underwater since it’s pitch black. wouldn’t it be cool to have a few windows here and there? still cool though.

when we arrived in paris, we immediately went to our apt we had booked. i used a website called waytostay to get an amazing deal on an apt for four. much cheaper than booking a hotel! the owner of the apt we rented was super nice and gave us tips on good eats around the area. i highly recommend getting an apt if you stay in paris.

after grabbing a crepe and panini (they are everywhere!), we immediately jumped on the metro to begin exploring paris. my first impression of paris was that i liked it, but london was cooler. the people seemed a little snootier, it was dirtier and everything just seemed like a poor version of london. except for the food but that is for another post!

we hit up all of the major touristy spots like notre dame




then we walked to the lesser known pantheon of paris



as dusk began to settle, we wandered over to sacre coeur which is a really cool place where tons of ppl hang out. there is also live music and the atmosphere is just so fun. it is located at the summit of montmarte which is the highest point in the city so the view is just stunning. i would show pics of the view but we were in it and we had just come from dinner where we had lots of wine so we are an unflattering shade of red in all of the pics! 🙂


the next day we visited the louvre.


there were lots of naked statues. fun.


i think this might be my favorite picture from the trip


and this picture is so unbelievably dorky that it makes me laugh


then we walked along the seine on our way to the eiffel tower


first glimpse of the eiffel tower!


and closer


many more pics of the eiffel tower coming up…


at night


the light show


and finally the view from the eiffel tower


the arc de triomphe – for some reason i really liked this. i regret not buying a mini arc de triomphe from those souvenir shops >:(


walking along champs elysees with all of the fancy stores that we can’t afford 😛


we took a break to watch the craziest traffic jam we saw in europe



at night, minh and i went back to the louvre to check it out all lit up. there were ppl making out all over the place! i guess paris is the most romantic city in the world 😛




paris did not have the cool phonebooths like london, but they did have the paid bathrooms!


paris consisted mostly of my food adventures so i will definitely have more to say on paris in that post. i am going to leave you with a picture at the train station where we were supposed to be booked for a sleeper train to rome


unfortunately, france went on strike that day so they booked us on a BUS! and not one of those nice, fancy buses. it was one of those really small, cramped buses where we couldn’t even recline the seats. and we were on that bus for 15+ hrs!!! well i am just happy we made it to rome in one piece with no major problems. more on rome in my next post!

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  1. way2stay sounds like a great option. i’ll have to keep it in mind next time i’m in europe! 🙂

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