Monday 27th September 2010

by girlrobot

i feel the need to blog about my europe trip just because i want to one day read back on this and remember it. it already feels like a really long time ago so i hope i remember all of the details! Prepare for some long-ish posts!


europe started out in london. it turned out to be my favorite city out of the whole trip and definitely one of my favorite cities of all time. this surprised me since i consider food such a big part of how much i like a city and i thought london had very mediocre food. aside from the fish and chips i had which were amazing. (btw, i am going to have a whole separate post on all of the food i ate while in europe. can’t wait!)

we had such amazing luck with weather so i did not see much of the gloom that london is famous for so maybe my view of it is skewed. also, since this was the first place we went, i was all fresh and ready to explore a new city which also might have contributed to my excitement.

other impressions:
london is very stylish. everyone there is super well dressed. no american looking slobs here! i also hereby declare the british accent as my favorite accent of all time. I LOVE IT. the people we encountered in london were very nice and friendly. i felt comfortable there since i understood the language and the city was very clean. i could definitely see myself living there. if only i had known this when i was younger. my company has a station in london that they let engineers go work at for 2 yrs and they pay for everything – food/lodging. i hear it’s pretty easy to get into and boyrobot and i actually got asked to go but we were too busy with our current projects to take it up. plus, i really like my project so it was hard to think of leaving it. oh well. 🙁

i loved the buildings and streets of london. everything has so much history and even though things are old, it doesn’t look run down. it looks beautiful and timeless! the cars are super cute and small looking. the underground was fun to ride on and very convenient. whenever i visit places with a great metro system i can’t help but be jealous. anyways, i don’t really remember anything bad about london. it was a great way to start out the trip and helped us ease into the european culture. now onto the pictures! these are just a handful. i had 200+ pictures from london alone!

i had read that one of the first things you should do in london is to sign up for the hop on hop off tour. this is a great way for you to see the city while you are getting used to the time change. and boy were we jetlagged. on the first night, most of us were riding the bus asleep! haha


there are 2 major double decker tour bus companies but make sure you go with the original london sightseeing tour, they run for longer hours and this is helpful since the passes work for 24 hrs. they hit up all of the major spots and it is a great way to get you oriented in the city. be sure to sit on the top for the excellent views! the tour guides are hit or miss. if you get one that is boring, just jump onto a different bus. we encountered some excellent guides that were very entertaining and offered interesting facts about the history of london.

we definitely had to hit up trafalgar square and buckingham palace. we had heard the changing of the guards was overrated so we did not stay to watch that. i am glad because there is so much more to see and do in london!


the guards are pretty cool though. just like those toy soldiers!

i forget the name of this street but it was one of the streets with a bunch of broadway shows. i didn’t realize musicals were so big in london. it seemed like they had every musical i’d ever heard of playing somewhere. we almost went and watched the lion king but we opted to go shopping on bond street instead. if only we had 1 more day we could have fit it all in!


here is london’s famous ferris wheel, the london eye. i love ferris wheels but we decided not to go on this. it’s pretty cool looking but very pricy. it moves very slowly too and is not a typical ferris wheel. the “cars” are actually like rooms that you stand in. i think it takes something like half an hour to make one revolution and basically offers a nice view of london.


my friend, mike, and i bought postcards to send back home and there was a cute london mailbox right outside of our hotel, the millenium mayfair. our hotel was through a travelzoo hot deal and was pretty nice. it was a great location…right next to hyde park and bond street!


one of our london days was reserved for a mini day trip to stonehenge, bath, and the cotswold. boyrobot being the adventurous person he is decided it would be cool to rent a car for the day. yup, now he can say he has driven on the other side of the road!


we ended up spending 2 hrs trying to get out of london proper because we made one wrong turn. boy was it an adventure!

our first destination was stonehenge. many people told us it was a tourist trap. (it is.) but we actually really enjoyed it! i think it was such a beautiful day and we were just having a lot of fun taking pictures. i never thought i would think a pile of rocks was so interesting haha.


then we headed to bath which is this tiny, cute town. doesn’t this look fake?


and this little park where we posed to spell out L O V E. i love my dorky friends!


the main attraction in bath are the roman baths. unfortunately, we arrived JUST as they were closing. boyrobot was heartbroken. one day we’ll come back!!!


we walked to the royal crescent, another major bath attraction, and chilled in the park for a bit. it was such a beautiful park and a beautiful day!


after that, we attempted to head to the cotswold. unfortunately, we never found it. note to self: get a gps next time! again, i will have to come back here with boyrobot so we can find the cotswold!!

we then headed home and prepared for our next destination: paris!

here is a picture at the train station where we are going to take the chunnel to paris. this picture will probably only be funny to myself and my travelmates but it makes me laugh when i see it! it’s one of those “you had to be there”. a good trip is marked with a lot of inside jokes and we had plenty of those!!


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  1. boogiemouse says:

    i love love london. i wanted to move there for awhile. i actually applied to some positions when i was in northrop, but none ever went through!

  2. girlrobot says:

    cheryl – i tried doing it with the tiltshiftmaker website and the effects were really cool! the toy soldier ended up looking like…a toy soldier ha ha!

  3. che says:

    alvin was offered a temp position in london a couple years ago but the program he was working for didnt let him go. i was so mad!

    i love those hop on hop off tours. they are great for “free” transportation hehe.

    pics look great… some of them would look awesome with the tilt shift effect! like your toy soldier hehe.

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