Friday 9th July 2010

by girlrobot

i love the location of our house. our walkability score is very high and all of the roads have bike lanes. now that summer is here i’ve been walking or riding my bike all around town.


my blue cruiser looks so skinny here!

the other day i rode my bike to a new sno cone place that opened up down the street that was voted the best dessert in orange county. i foresee myself coming here a lot this summer.

i asked them what their most popular flavor was: tropical treat

Tropical Treat

orange and pineapple ice with fresh strawberries and ice cream. we also added condensed milk because we’re asian like that. and yes, it was as good as it looks and sounds.

their menu sounds amazing though: red velvet, reese’s buttercup, green tea & raspberries, peanut butter & jelly…i’m all about those weird and quirky flavors

service is a little slow but they grind that ice on the spot. besides, they have this fun wall hook game that you can play while you wait.

sno on the go
6840 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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