Friday 2nd July 2010

by girlrobot

when i told boyrobot that we were eating beans on toast today he laughed at me. “that sounds stupid”.

i thought for sure there was a reason it was on the oc’s top 100 dishes to try. i was actually excited to try this dish that i had never seen or heard of. to see what the brits had done to make this a beloved snack.

unfortunately there was nothing magical about these beans.
Beans on Toast at The Olde Ship

i could have just as easily opened a can of heinz beans (the exact ones they use in fact), popped some bread in the toaster, and poured the beans over the toast. these were in fact just that. beans on toast.

to say i was disappointed was an understatement. boyrobot just laughed at me and at this ridiculous #100 eats list that i was making him join me on.

but. i will forge on. i will eat every dish. they can’t all be beans on toast, right?

ps. we also had the clam chowder which was slightly better but also not that great. a little too pasty/gloopy for me.
Clam Chowder 2

and the prime rib sandwich which i have no pictures of but was absolutely DELISH. now that should have been on the list!

The Olde Ship
1120 W. 17th St.
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 550-6700


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  1. pokebot says:

    LOL Man you DO suck at taking pictures of your food. I like how it’s usually the delicious foods that you miss 😛

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