Monday 14th June 2010

by girlrobot

this weekend was graduation weekend for two of my cousins:

christine from ucsb

amy from ucsd

so, so proud of them!!!!

i basically spent the whole weekend driving from one end of socal to the other, spending lots of time with my family and eating SO MUCH FOOD. i think i gained 10 lbs or something. it was all worth it though. good food, good family, GOOD TIMES!

while i was at amy’s graduation, i went around shooting pictures of some of my family. sorry if i missed ya…couldn’t get everyone since some were camera shy while others were too busy shooting their own pictures. i still love you too!

g-pa: my cousin think he looks like a turtle. cute, right?

myra: my mini me. ’nuff said.

randal: always down for whatever and so sweet!

eric: wow…had no idea he was getting into photography. i took a glimpse at some of his pictures, amazing! anyways, he always surprises me, in a good way!

brian: sorry other cousins but brian is THE COOLEST. love this kid to death.

mason: this kid is smarter, more worldly than should be allowed for his age. always teaching me a thing or two!

uncle dan: always full of good advice

my pops: best dad ever!!!

boyrobot: my better half who was with me this whole weekend with my crazy family. that deserves a medal in itself.

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4 Responses to “love these people”

  1. pokebot says:

    lol. I love Christine’s picture. Please tell me that was candid.

  2. che says:

    i almost didnt recognize your cousin christine in that pic! haha… congrats to your cousins!

  3. Myra says:

    Love it!
    Great weekend, can’t wait for cousin sleepover..whenever that is lol.

  4. Quynh says:

    These are great photos! and gramps does look like a turtle – worldly and wise, but he’s not slow tho! I love that dad has not changed his “uniform” of blue jean shirt and jeans and his hat. So sad I couldn’t be there to see everyone, but thanks for the pics!

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