Tuesday 1st June 2010

by girlrobot

i love food. but i’ve been in a rut. we keep eating at our favorite places over and over again. not that i’m complaining since our staples are cheap and yummy. but it’s time to get to know our ‘hood (orange county) a little better. i present to you:

oc weekly’s 100 favorite dishes

we’ll be going down the list, one by one, once a week. i think i will declare sundays as our food adventure day. tell us if you are down to join us! we are starting with #100: jerk carnitas torta at the crosby


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  2. pokebot says:

    That’s awesome. My roommate and I have the same dilemma. Sort of. Our usual places are soo good so when we do go out, we just end up eating at the same places. This last quarter though we’ve been getting good at going to new places. 4 years in San Diego and barely know it.. sad.

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