Monday 29th March 2010

by girlrobot

there comes a point when your child is all grown up and it’s time to stop treating them like a kid and more of a peer/adult. i think when your kid has graduated from college, gotten married, and even owns her own home, the whole parenting role is kind of over. your kid is who they are going to be. there’s no point in continually correcting them/criticizing them on how they should behave.

seriously! i can’t even have a conversation with my mom without her correcting my vietnamese. ARGH.

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2 Responses to “things i won’t do when i’m a parent #1”

  1. che says:

    btw, love the notepad look of the site 🙂

  2. che says:

    unfortunately i think most parents do not ever grow out of this. even though im very independent from my parents, they will always manage to throw in an opinion somewhere for something they feel is important. it’s up to you if you care to listen 🙂

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